Young Church


The younger end of Young Church (0-2 ½ years) are cared for by volunteers from the church in a loving atmosphere. (Contact Denise Reid, 01625 871961)

All ageYoung Church – 2½ Years to Secondary School

Young Church usually joins the 10.30am service for the first 15-20 minutes before going into their own groups for the rest of the time, save on Communion Sundays when Young Church starts separately and joins the congregation for Communion. The aim is to teach the Christian faith in a lively, fun way. (Contact Rachel & Ian Hall, 01625 872062)

Evolve – Young People of Secondary School Age

This group has adopted the name ‘Evolve’ and pursues 6-week programmes on Sunday mornings. They bring the fruits of their discussions to Young Church and also to the adult congregation, resulting in a lively participation across the whole of the Church Family. (Contact Sally Holmes, 01625 260451 or Jane Robson, 01625 879998)

The Church operates a Safeguarding Policy to ensure that all children and young people should be safe on the Church’s premises and at Church-led activities.