Houses for Haiti

Poynton Methodist Church are committed to raising £7,500 before March 2019 – this represents the cost of building a house for people in Haiti who are still reeling from the effects of the earthquake in 2010 and Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

(latest update – please see the bottom of the page)

Vilia’s House

This is the story that inspired us to set ourselves this challenge.

Vilia lost her mum and her home when the earthquake struck Port-au-Prince in 2010. Bereaved and homeless, she went back to her home town with her husband and children. But life was a struggle, and they had nowhere safe to live. Christian Aid partner KORAL built her a new home that was strong enough to stand up to natural disasters.

On the terrifying night when Hurricane Matthew hit, Vilia’s neighbours fled to shelter with her. As the storm raged, she shared her home with more than 50 of her neighbours for several days. Despite the ferocity of the hurricane, which swept away surrounding homes, her house was barely damaged.

Vilia and her family now

Vilia allowed her home to become an emergency shelter when Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti. She is incredibly grateful for the help she’s received but worries about those without a secure home.

We know how to make it happen – of the 700 houses we built after the 2010 earthquake, just one needed to be repaired after Hurricane Matthew.

Our House

Our fundraising is going to focus on building this house in the Methodist Church at Poynton. Every time we raise another £38 pounds we are going to add another brick.

If you would like to buy a brick as an individual or a group then just donate £38 pounds (using the form available in church) and we will give you one. You can decorate it however you want (they are all made of brown cardboard) and bring it back and add it to our house.

When reach our target we will have a service of celebration and then donate all the blocks to our toddler group to enjoy.



Latest Update – 1st September

We’ve had a fantastic start to fundraising with a freewill giving campaign which has raised over £3,600 before the end of August. This is nearly 100 bricks for our house. We’ve now got the foundations of our house built and are nearly up to window level. The house has been moved into Church as a focus for the next phase of our fundraising.

The next events are a series of fundraising lunches after church (about 12:00) on the first Sunday of each month. Come along and share food and fellowship and donate what you would otherwise have spent on lunch to a good cause.

  • 2nd September     Barbeque
  • 7th October           Mince dishes
  • 4th November      Caribbean casserole
  • 2nd December      Bread and Soup
  • 6th January           Hotpot dinner
  • 3rd February         Celebration roast! Ever hopeful!